Workers Compensation Matters

Managing injured and ill employees is often a complex and time consuming part of any business.


When an employee is injured or ill, the way these situations are handled can have a significant impact on their successful return to work and maintaining a positive relationship in the process.

We provide advice and support on managing injured or ill employees, whether it is work or non-work related.


The successful rehabilitation and return to work of injured or ill employees benefits everyone involved.

The organisation benefits by:

  • returning to maximum productivity as quickly as possible;

  • positive impacts on team morale;

  • minimising retraining expenses;

  • reducing staff turnover; and

  • reduction in claims costs and insurance premiums.


The worker benefits through:

  • a quicker and safer return to work;

  • faster injury recovery;

  • financial security; and

  • improvements to work, family and social life.