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NEWS ALERT -New Sexual Harassment Laws -Respect@Work

New Sexual Harassment Laws - Respect@Work

Sexual Harassment in the workplace is a very real safety issue that can cause psychological and physical harm. The Federal Government recently introduced a Bill to amend both the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 and the Fair Work Act 2009 to make it clear that sexual harassment in the workplace is unlawful.

The proposed new laws will:

  • Establish a new (enhanced) definition of sex-based harassment;

  • Clearly identify who can be liable for sex-based harassment;

  • Empower the Fair Work Commission to deal with sexual harassment claims and make sexual harassment orders.

  • Clarify how sexual harassment can amount to a valid reason for dismissal.

The new laws will not only apply to organisations under the national system, but it is proposed they will also extend to State, Territory and Local Governments as employers.

We expect the new laws to be passed into the near future meaning there will be a greater level of responsibility and accountability on employers and workplace participants (employees, volunteers, work placements & contractors ) to ensure sexual harassment does not occur.

Here at Sharpe Workplace Solutions, we already help a range of organisations create a safe and respectful working environment by creating a clear and robust framework made up of three (3) essential pillars:

  1. Establish internal protocols about Sexual Harassment including the fact it will not be tolerated and how it will be dealt with.

  2. Workforce development through professional training for all workplace participants on what conduct & behaviour does and does not constitute sexual harassment, its consequences and how to prevent it; and

  3. Having a truly secure & confidential platform in which all workplace participants can report concerns of sexual harassment without fear of retribution.

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