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NEWS ALERT - Important COVID-19 considerations for your business


In times like this, with the World Health Organisation declaring the Corona Virus as a pandemic, fulfilling your responsibilities as an employer can be really tricky. You have a very important role as leaders both to fulfil mandatory requirements for the safety of your employees and customers and equally to provide reassurance to them and the community that you have a response. Of course, at the same time, many of you will be needing to continue delivery of your services.

Here are some important tips:

  1. Establish a multi-disciplinary response team that meets regularly (probably at least daily if not twice a day) to discuss and share the latest external and internal information and to develop, implement review and refine your response plan. You can do teleconferences or video conference to avoid meetings where you can. Your plan should include a risk assessment and control measures.

  2. MOST IMPORTANT: Use information from reliable, expert, credible sources to inform your response. A lot of people have opinions so it’s best to go with those who are professionals in public health and disease control.

  3. Ensure all employees, volunteers, and contractors know about and comply with requirements and recommendations including ‘isolation guidance’ and good ‘hygiene measures’. You should be communicating these through all channels, for example emails, employee notices, printed posters around the workplace.

  4. Ensure you are managing your own emotions and communicate frequently with your employees, volunteers, contractors, suppliers and customers on your processes and your response plan.

If an employee or their family member has contracted corona virus personal leave (if applicable) will generally apply.

If an employee is under directed mandatory isolation, employees may be able to access their personal leave if they are unwell, or another type of accrued paid leave. Depending on the circumstances, employees may be able to work from home, bearing in mind you need to be clear if this is the case with processes to ensure a working environment that is safe.

Employers looking to understand the potential impacts of corona virus on their business and to gain an understanding of their rights and obligations should contact the team at Sharpe Workplace Solutions by email or call on (07) 46915046.

The above information is intended as general information only and not as professional advice. If you need further guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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