• Jay Sharpe

NEW Online Training -

Work Health & Safety and discrimination laws in Australia legally require employers to be proactive and take reasonable steps to prevent bullying, harassment (sexual harassment) and discrimination from occurring. One important way of achieving this is through providing robust training to all workplace participants (employees, contractors, volunteers & suppliers) on the importance of promoting a safe workplace by eliminating these types of behaviours from workplaces. We are excited to announce that our very popular face to face training on 'Promoting Safe Workplaces' is now available online, making it much more accessible to workplaces across not only Australia but internationally as well. Our new interactive online course has been developed in house by our experts to ensure the content is accurate and usable. Its now a self-paced course designed to maximise the learners experience and features:

  • Voice over & screen reader functionality to support learners with reading difficulties;

  • Layout & functionality that makes it adaptable to all devices & most LMS's making it easy to use wherever the learner may be; and

  • Case studies, summaries and knowledge quizzes to reinforce and embed key content, aid knowledge retention and engage learners.

Our 'Promoting Safe Workplaces' course is a must for any business wanting to stop and prevent bullying, harassment (sexual harassment) and discrimination from occurring in their workplaces.


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