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Not for Profit - Wage Claims

As recent high-profile wage claim cases show, all employers, including those in the profit for purpose sector, have a responsibility to ensure that their staff receive the correct pay, and entitlements. Australia’s Modern Award system can be pretty complicated.

One of the significant challenges facing profit for purpose businesses, is balancing client-centred high-quality care, managing risk and stakeholder expectations whilst keeping across the changes to employment legislation, often with limited resources.

In 2020, employers also need to prepare for changes to their Modern Awards. The Fair Work Commission has finalised arrangements with new annualised salary clauses in modern awards effective 1 March this year. It is important to understand which modern award(s) apply to your workplace, including the new changes as these may have direct impact on your existing employment arrangements and payroll practices.

In addition to keeping abreast of changed to Modern Awards, in our experience, some other key challenges, in particular for profit-for-purpose businesses are:

· Modern Awards – Annualised salaries and wage modelling;

· Unfair Dismissal and General Protections; and

· Strategies for preventing, mitigating or responding to bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Sharpe Workplace Solutions are passionate about building capability in leaders to deliver a high performance workplace culture, Jay will be presenting at some leadership and management workshops that will be ideal for those in the Human Services sector. These maybe of interest to you and you are encouraged to join us there.

We are always here to support you in your workplace relations needs and you are encouraged to reach out proactively before a problem arises.

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